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19th February: German supper

A pleasant evening was enjoyed in the Town Hall, King's Lynn, by around 30 people, including a contingent from Swaffham.  Four stalwart members of the Social Events Committee (Penny and Brian Harrison and Anne and Ernie Foreman) had prepared an imaginative German meal at a very reasonable price, which was much appreciated.

22nd to 26th May: Visit to Emmerich

On Friday, 22nd May this year around 20 members of the King’s Lynn/Emmerich Twinning Club travelled to Emmerich for their biannual visit. On arrival we were treated to a reception in the town’s recently refurbished Tourist Information Centre, where the highlight of the occasion was the unveiling of the red telephone box presented to the Emmerich Club by King’s Lynn in 1983.  It has since stood in a number of places around the town but, as over here, has outlived its usefulness as a telephone box.  It has been moved into the Tourist Office, where it will serve as a mini information centre of its own, containing brochures and leaflets promoting King’s Lynn. 

 Telephone box unveiling

Johannes Diks & Michael Pitcher, the Mayors of Emmerich and Lynn respectively, unveil the refurbished telephone box in front of a mural depicting King’s Lynn.  (Click on the picture to enlarge it)

Despite the fact it was a Bank Holiday at home, the weather was perfect, and the visitors enjoyed a free day with their hosts on the Saturday before reconvening on Sunday afternoon for Kaffee und Kuchen and a barbecue in front of the elegant Schlösschen Borghees.  In her speech during this occasion, the Emmerich Club chairman, Brita Weber, bemoaned the difficulty in attracting new members, particularly from the younger community.  On a positive note, however, the (English!) headmistress of a local secondary school was present and expressed interest in joining the Emmerich Club.  Perhaps we shall see her in Lynn next year.

Kaffee und Kuchen at Schlosschen Borghees 

Guests and hosts enjoy Kaffee und Kuchen at the Schlösschen Borghees. (Click on the picture to enlarge it).

All too soon it was Tuesday and time for most of us to leave.  Many of us had chosen to travel with Ryanair to the small airport of Weeze which happens to be twinned with Watton.  Both flights were smooth and on time, the only problem being the extremely early starts both ways

13th September: Sunday lunch at the Anvil, Congham

A party of around 30 members and guests met for lunch at the Anvil pub in Congham and enjoyed a hearty meal in convivial company. 

22nd October: AGM

This year's AGM was held in the Town Hall, King's Lynn, and was attended by 38 members and guests.  The Mayor, Councillor Michael Pitcher, welcomed everyone to the meeting in his capacity as President and said that following the visit to Emmerich earlier in the year, he and his wife had joined the Club as members.

This was John Harris's last AGM as chairman, as he had completed his three years in office.  In his report he expressed his satisfaction at having been able to arrange a Christmas concert in each of his three years.  He had also visited Emmerich twice as Chairman and acted as host in the intermediate year.  In his capacity as chairman he had attended several meetings of the Norfolk Association of Twin Communities in Norwich and had thus heard about a French village seeking an exchange with a similar place in Norfolk.  John had followed this up with the result that he had now become the chairman of the newly-formed twinning association between his own village of Heacham and Criteuil-la-Magdeleine, near Cognac. 

Nominations for a new Chairman had been sought in advance of the meeting and the person put forward by several members was Brian Harrison.  There were no other nominations and he was duly elected.  He thanked all the members for honouring him in this way and thanked the outgoing Chairman for his services to the Club over the past three years.  He said that during his term he would strive to increase membership and in particular to involve younger people with the Club.

The Treasurer, Ernie Foreman, and Exchange Secretary, Anne Foreman, were both willing to stand for another year and were re-elected, as was the Secretary, Penny Harrison, despite her offer to step down if members thought it was inappropriate to have a husband and wife team as Chairman and Secretary respectively.  A new Vice-Chairman was needed and Paul Brandon was nominated, but he asked for time to consider it. [Subsequently he decided that he could not take on this role, and Ernie Foreman was elected by members of the Management Committee].

Ernie Foreman presented the accounts, which showed that the Club had a healthy balance.  His proposal to leave the annual subscription at £8 was accepted.

After the business meeting local journalist Richard Parr, who had been with the original party to visit Emmerich, gave some of his recollections of the Club's early days and in particular of its founder, Eddie Edgley.  The evening closed with an excellent German style buffet supper in the stone hall, put together by  Penny and Brian Harrison.