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Emmerich is situated on the River Rhine, close to the Dutch frontier. Like King's Lynn, it is a port, but unlike Lynn it is also a rail junction with links to the rest of Germany and Northern Europe.

In size and population Emmerich and its environs compare closely with King's Lynn and the adjacent villages. Employment for the people of Emmerich is provided by the port and a range of light industries. The largest factory is a margarine and edible oils processing plant.

At the end of the Second World War only seven houses remained standing following Allied action. The town has been rebuilt and is now a very pleasant modern town without a rash of architectural extremes.

In other respects it is quite a historic town and in 1983 the 750th Anniversary of its Charter was celebrated. King's Lynn received an invitation to join in the event and many members of our Club were entertained at the civic party as guests of the citizens of Emmerich.

To find out more about Emmerich, visit their website by clicking here